I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On the Thursday, after having our breakfast, we headed to Capella Hotel for our ISUOG course. It started at 8am. It was on Fetal Echocardigraphy. The speaker are Rabih Choui from Germany and David Paladini from Italy. Both are very experience in Ultrasound. Wish I can have a chance to be trained by them. The lunch time came, but end up I was starving and also got diarrheoa. what a shame! the lunch didn't served the halal or vegetarian food and I just ate the seafood stew which made my stomach more and more upset! At 5pm, the three of us got to got out earlier to get something to eat! The first plan was to search how to get to Changi Airport by MRT but the plan was changed to plan to get halal food in Arab Street. As we were very adventerous, we managed to get it even if it means I have to walk in such a great pain (You know how it feel....walking with a diarrheoa....hmmm). on the way to our hotel, I was too Dehidrated, exhausted due to what i have said before (can't say it further..the experienced were totally censored), But still I have to walk until I reach my bed and I went to sleep at 12pm.

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