I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Advanced Level Obstetrics Ultrasound Course 2010

An advanced level ultrasound course will be held in Hospital Ipoh as usual. It will covers on prenatal diagnosis of common fetal anomalies. This course only cost us rm125 for paramedics/ sonographers. so I think I may try my luck applying the sponsorship from my HR. hopefully I'll be approved since last year i already went the same course. But for me attending a training or a course even it's the same course is to refresh my knowledge and enhance my skills.

As for those who are interested in attending the course can directly call
PPP Ghani/ Dr Japaraj: 05 5222480
or email: japaraj@hotmail.com

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Acuson X300 Siemen

Today is the ninth day, i'm using the brand new Acuson X300. Quite dissapoiting to know that the fetal echo is very bad. I had also try the 3D4D. the outcome is not as good as what I got by using the Voluson. Maybe price does matter. It just that PPUKM didn't know what we are looking for in buying a good machine and technology. For them the cheaper the better. But we the sonographer are the one who work with those machine and quite stressful when you know you can get better image yet you stuck with this NEW machine. The product specialist are not here for me to ask. Maybe they are afraid they cannot answer our so-many questions. What ever it is, I still have to face it...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

ISUOG part7

The last day had come. It was Saturday, the Sentosa Island seems quite busy. We had a good breakfast in Siloso Beach Resort. The staff were very helpful. They served the breakfast just like what we ask them. We need to get to Capella at 8.00am so we asked them if they can served us earlier and they did very good. The last lectures were good too. Too bad, we had to rush back to our resort for check out before noon. Since our flight was 9.30pm, we asked again the resort if we could late check out and they said yes! we had asked this before but they said that our room is already booked by someone. If they could let us stay for another day, we could just finished our last day of the course without much hassle. So, rather than walking back to Capella, we just lay on bed and get some rest before going back to Malaysia. At 5.30pm, we took a taxi to Airport which cost us S$35 for 3. There, we managed to get halal food wich is Popeye fast food rest. Not as delecious as KFC but the halal is what matter most here. After that, we went for solat and made our way to boarding room. 9.30pm the flifght took off with a couple of emergency alert caused by bad weather, we landed at 10.20pm and luckily my husband was already waiting for me. God, never felt this feeling since we had our baby. Missed him so damn much!

Friday, April 23, 2010


On the second day of the course, on Friday, I was too dehydrated to focus on what they were teaching in front. I spent almost the whole morning sleeping. At the tea break, i took as many mint as I can and also the mineral water to refresh myself and thank God it worked very well on me. So, despite wasting the morning lectures, I started to focus on what they were teaching in the afternoon and evening until the end of the day, we went for souvenir hunting!!! Not much to buy with only S$100 cash in hand. So, I just bought cheap souvenirs for my family esp my little baby and big baby... At 10.30pm, I went to bed to recuperate myself and prepare myself for the last day tomorrow hoping that I will not sleep in lecture anymore....

The Training Aspects Of The Ultrasonographer

The Training Aspects Of The Ultrasonographer

The level of expertise required in ultrasound scanning can be divided into 3 levels, i.e. level 1, level 2 and level 3. The objectives and requirements are as below:

Level 1 (Basic)


  1. To understand the basic functions of the ultrasound scanner and its optimum utilisation.
  2. Reliably confirm viable pregnancy using abdominal scanning.
  3. Make accurate measurements to assess gestation age in first and early second trimester including CRL, BPD, HC, FL, AC.
  4. Diagnose multiple pregnancy.
  5. Establish foetal presentation.
  6. Assessment of liquor volume – AFI/single pool.
  7. Exclude placenta praevia.


Attendance at one basic course and the remainder in an accredited hospital by members of a board run by Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society or Ultrasound in Medicine or Perinatal Society of Malaysia or senior members of the Obstetrics department of the accredited hospital.

Perform 100 ultrasound scans under supervision with a logbook consisting of 30 cases comprising of the following:

    1. Ability to do mid and late pregnancy scans and to obtain appropriate measurements for gestational age.
    2. Ability to come to a conclusion regarding viability and maturity in early pregnancy problems.
    3. Identify common adnexal masses.
    4. Ability to scan for assessment of liquor volume.

Level 2 (Intermediate)


    1. Detailed scanning of the mid-trimester foetus (routine).
    2. Detection of foetal anomalies at any gestation including basic foetal echo.
    3. Doppler studies and its application in obstetrics.
    4. Application of transvaginal scanning (TVS) in pregnancy.
    5. Amniocentesis.


Attended accredited – intermediate and/or advanced courses.
1 year experience after basic level accreditation and incorporation into postgraduate training programmes.

  • Master in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Post MRCOG in accredited hospitals.

Level 3 (Advanced)


  1. Ability to do advanced procedures for foetal diagnosis and therapy.
  2. Provide second or expert opinion in doubtful cases.
  3. Provide training for Level 1 and Level 2 courses.


  1. Attended accredited courses e.g. RCOG/RCR in Foetal Medicine for 1 year or accredited local courses.
  2. Scholarship in recognised Foetal Medicine training centres abroad.


  • DDU (Australia)
  • RCOG/RCR course accreditation
  • MMed (Foetal Medicine) Birmingham

source: http://www.cornerstone-msc.net/perinatal-malaysia

p/s: i'm still at the intermediate level. wish can further in Postgraduate......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On the Thursday, after having our breakfast, we headed to Capella Hotel for our ISUOG course. It started at 8am. It was on Fetal Echocardigraphy. The speaker are Rabih Choui from Germany and David Paladini from Italy. Both are very experience in Ultrasound. Wish I can have a chance to be trained by them. The lunch time came, but end up I was starving and also got diarrheoa. what a shame! the lunch didn't served the halal or vegetarian food and I just ate the seafood stew which made my stomach more and more upset! At 5pm, the three of us got to got out earlier to get something to eat! The first plan was to search how to get to Changi Airport by MRT but the plan was changed to plan to get halal food in Arab Street. As we were very adventerous, we managed to get it even if it means I have to walk in such a great pain (You know how it feel....walking with a diarrheoa....hmmm). on the way to our hotel, I was too Dehidrated, exhausted due to what i have said before (can't say it further..the experienced were totally censored), But still I have to walk until I reach my bed and I went to sleep at 12pm.


Last Wednesday, my unit boss Prof Dr Azlin, my friend Yan and me were travelling to Pulau Sentosa Singapore on AK703 at 12.45 pm for ISUOG . We stayed in Siloso Beach Resort which is the most affordable resort in the island but, the hospitality and the food (the vegetarian one) very well satisfy my need. We reached Sentosa at 3pm. Since we were there 1 day earlier,once we got the room, we were all are ready for next adventure!! Exploring the island on foot!!! The first place we managed to conquer was the Imbiah Look Out which we went for 4D Magix. The combos comprises The Pirates, Log Ride and Desperados but we only took the 'The pirates and Log Ride' combo. Those two were very interesting and heartblowing. We were taking photos here and there and strolling to Merlion and then before we knew it, we were all in Universal studio. The studio was surrounded by the hotels and casino. We kind of dissapointed to get to know the tix for the Universal studio is S$66 and only available until 6pm only. But we were there at 6.30pm. So, despite the pricey tix, it was also closed. so, we were just taking more and more pics around the Waterfront station. The, at 7pm, we went to our room for a fresh cloth and solat. At 9pm with highly energised, we paid a visit to our friend Kak Anson who stayed in Hard Rock Hotel which was very, very, very luxurious! mindblowing! Then, at 11.30pm we headed back to our room to get rest but, we don't sleep actually, the three of us managed to get permission by the staff to let us swimming in the swimming pool at 11pm in our pyjamas.hehe. That was very exciting thing to do! At 1am we were all very tired and try to get some rest for the real ISUOG course tomorrow....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ISUOG part??

Now, I am in the middle of Changi Airport waiting formy boarding time. Really can't wait to see my baby and husband after 4 days being apart of them. Isuog gives me so many new knowledge in ultrasound which made me very very grateful for what Im doing right now. It's worth the money I'd spent on this course and of cpurse can't thank enough to my boss and colleuge for their help. My big Boss Prof Dr Mohd Jamil had helpme with the fees and my 'small' boss help me with the meals and fare and my collegue aso help me with the meals and fare. Kind of 'segan' with all those help. I vowed that I will work harder and learn harder so that I will improve my skills to showhowmuch I appreciate their help. Too much help that I can't thank enough....my bording time is 8.40pm and i should go now!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Going to ISUOG!

Well going to IUSOG is one of my target this year. Alhamdulillah I manage to get fees sponsored by Toshiba and manage to save some money for return air tickets and lodging. I should be happy and excited about this but, all I can think of right now is how can I live away from my baby son. Never leave more than 2 days but now I have to send him to his grandma's house for 5 days which means I have to sleep without him for 5 nights. I almost cry this morning. I'm so not happy to have to leave him . All I can do is praying hoping that I'll be fine. I know he'll be fine with his grandma. But it's me I'm worried about. I've had a fever before when I left him with my sister for only 1 night. What can go worser than this?

Hamburger Sign??

In obstetric ultrasound, we may find many funny terms such as Hamburger sign, Lambda sign, frog eye sign, etc.... This picture shows hamburger sign which indicates the baby's gender is female.

Monday, April 12, 2010


InsyaAllah on Wednesday, I'll be going to Sentosa Island. Hopefully everyhing will going smoothly as planned...


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