I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Fly Thru utilizes perspective rendering to let you virtually dive into a volume data set and explore cavities, ducts and vessels from the inside and in 3D. While conventional 3D imaging displays the surface of a given structure by parallel projection, FlyThru uses perspective projection to display a given structure, emphasizing the near over the far field much like in optical endoscopy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fetal Heart

Photos show a Right Flow Track of Fetal Heart. Note that the RVOT is the flow from Right Ventricle to Pulmonary Artery.

Notes from Wikipedia
The human heart has four chambers, two superior atria and two inferior ventricles. The atria are the receiving chambers and the ventricles are the discharging chambers. The pathway of blood through the human heart consists of a pulmonary circuit[11] and a systemic circuit. Deoxygenated blood flows through the heart in one direction, entering through the superior vena cava into the right atrium and is pumped through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle before being pumped out through the pulmonary valve to the pulmonary arteries into the lungs. It returns from the lungs through the pulmonary veins to the left atrium where it is pumped through the mitral valve into the left ventricle before leaving through the aortic valve to the aorta


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