I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Is The Best Time For Details and 3D/4D scan?

This is to share with all my visitors and Scan 3D 4D Malaysia fanpage in facebook. When is the best time to do 3D.4D scan as well as details scan. Ok, the best time is around 18-26 weeks. While the baby is still small and the amniotic fluid is adequate to provide a nice space to thoroughly scan the baby in  the womb. But to get a nice images of 4D, the bets time is 25-30 weeks as the baby already have a fat tissue that make them look chubby and cute. Please be sure that you have the details scan first before you do the 3D 4D scan to be sure that the baby is well and healthy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The New Perspective Of 4D Ultrasound

I just had a chance to try this new technology which can only be found in some brand of high end ultrasounds. This is what they called 4D HD. The view is like you're putting a scope inside the womb and you can see a real 3D look which you can adjust the shadowing/lighting. But of course this doesn't come cheap as well. This is the image of my 25 weeks fetus.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ultrasound Link

A little something to share with my sonographer and sonologist friends

This link share a lot of 2D scanning videos about almost anything we see in obstetrics ultrasound throughout our  career!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3D/4D Scan For Fetus

Just received a phone call from my senior sonographer friend. She called me to tell me a story which she think I should share here with everybody to increase our knowledge about 3D 4D scan. My friend told me that she have to do a detail scan to a very late pregnancy patient as the doctor suspected the baby might have a heart problem which is too late to do a thorough scan to see the abnormality of the heart. The patient claimed that she had already done the 3D 4D scan with a young sonographer which we do know her but we keep her name as a secret because I just want to share the story not to blame anybody here. As we know her, She is actually a young sonographer who actually not working in any hospital so, in term of clinical experience, we have a doubt on her. So, when she is promoting her service for 3D 4D scan we actually can imagine what kind of trouble she can be involved in. Now what we fear most had happened, She missed a heart problem which cause the patient a shock to learnt that after the 3D 4D scan, this obvious problem was not detected at that time where she was told that the service is together with a detail scan. I don't know what happened between the patient and the sonographer during the scanning took place because I have seen her page and everybody quite happy with her. So, please pretty please, to everyone out there, if YOU are looking for someone to do 3D 4D scan for your baby, make sure you look for the right person. That's why I came up with a Scan 3D 4D Malaysia fanpage to link all the curious Malaysian facebookers to this blog. So, you will know what to expect and what should you know about  3D 4D scan. This post is to share the simple infos on 3D 4D scan and details scan. It has nothing to do with competing in ultrasound business or anything. I am not doing any locumn and working full time with an ultrasound supplier in Malaysia. So, this is not personal, it's just my responsibility to tell you what you should know. 3D 4D scan is very entertaining but, please do detail scan first by an experience sonographer or medical doctor because 3D 4D scan can be done by anybody but not the detail scan and only detail scan can tell you if your baby is not doing fine in the womb. Please share with you friends.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Job Vacancy- Sonographer

I am looking for sonographers who interested to work in Penang and Central area. Please send resume to my email address and I will forward your resume to the clinic/ hospital. Cosing date is 18 April 2012.

P/s: I can't guarantee you get the job but I can help you to make sure your resume reach to the right person! Don't Miss This!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sonographer Job in Singapore

I have been trying to look for job vacancy in Malaysia for almost 3 months and I'm pretty sure, this is not a good sign for those fresh graduate sonographers to look for a job  in Malaysia. But, I came across this website and there are a few vacancies which you can try in Singapore!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview With BFM The Business Station


I was interviewed by Karen D'cruz from BFM radio station this afternoon. They wanted to know about sonographer profession. The interview will be on air on next Monday in Career Unusual segment. I was really nervous during the interview and plus there a lot of activities going on all of the sudden. It was really funny because the distraction cost me a big time! I lost words but managed to finished it. But I think I can do better because I was all prepared for it. Maybe I'm just good at writing. Haha! Anyway, wait for it and I will share the link with you once it is posted in the BFM website. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Elastography : A Diagnosis Tool For Breast Cancer

You might haven't heard about Elastography before unless you are working in Imaging Department. Elastography is actually quite sometime in Medical Imaging. It is just the application of this technology is still minimal in Malaysia. Elastography is a non invasive method to confirm cancerous mass using the stiffness or strain of the soft tissue. It is widely use in breast, prostate and etc. For breast, it is very useful especially to reduced number of cases for biopsy. Since Biopsy is a quite costly procedure to determine whether the mass is malignant or benign. So, by using Elastography, we can classify the strain ratio which 1-3 is benign, >3-4 is suspected malignant and have to go through biopsy and 5 is malignant. Which can avoid the benign mass to undergo biopsy.


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