I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gud News!

hehe, bestnya...Yan dapat sponsorship maka, dapat lah aku mengendeng...hikhikhik...Sentosa Island! here i come!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friend In Need Is A Freind Indeed....

Someone told me before, it's hard to find a true friend once we step into adulthood. We can never find a true friend like we ever have in our school days. I still remember the person who told me this. But, the fact is, it is true. Even the person who told me about this, I can never trust anymore. Never again! Too many things happened between us yet making it worser day by day. I don't know what had gone wrong. All I know we both trying to get the same thing and got 'em in different condition. But, I never see it as a reason for us to falls apart. But that person did. In my way of friendship, we can share every single sweet and bad moments with our friends. But that person maybe thinks that I'm looking down on him/her which makes that person avoiding me. The fact is, he/she is looking down on me. Maybe that person thinks that I can never accept him/her for what he/her have?? For God sake! I not that kind of person!! I die for other people! I'm doing everything to make people happy.....until one day, I came to realise that no one appreciate all those things and I started to shrink my scope to only me and my family....My husband had adviced me to be realistic. Help people who need my help but don't be too ignorant. But, you know what? Being ignorant sometimes is good. Less stress! :) .

Friday, February 5, 2010

Saiful Bukhari is just the puppet. Who's the puppet master? mystery continues...

Everyday since 1997, we never stop reading about manipulated politics in our newspaper. Yesterday frontpage news was more hillarious! 'Can I **** you today?'. I'm not into any politics party or whatever. I'm just a Malaysian who tired and bored of things like this. The more i read about this case, the more I felt like someone is pulling someone's leg. When I read this line "Can I **** you today?", I think people out there who can easily believe it is true might be not clever enough to follow this case. Have you ever think that any rapist will ask their victim first?? I mean, will the abang kucing ask his victims "Adik, boleh abang ***** adik?". I really don't think that any rapist in this world is a polite enough to ask. They will just grab and do that dirty job and bye!bye!

Come on my dearest Malaysians. Just see for yourself, clearly in today's Utusan Malaysia. He is such a tall and tough man. There was also stated that he was once elected as a Vice President. So, guess he is not stupid to just let himself being the victim of an old man with backached. I'm not saying I in the defendant side or what. It's just that i'm sick of all this. All this are just reflect negative impression to other countries. Which affect our economy and affect my economy too. Please, just because some people are too greedy to get money and power, they ruins others lifes as if they are authorised to do all this. Please bear in mind, never play God.... Be united in the sake of our country, economy and for the sake of our children.


NT- stands for Nuchal translucency.
Necessary in screening for Trisomies such as T21, T18, T13. It is measured when the pregnancy reaches 11-13weeks + 6days. Or the CRL is within 54-84mm. As it is just a screening, it does not indicates that the patient with NT measured >3mm is going to have abnormal baby. Because this is just a screening. If the NT is > 3mm the patient has to undergo minor procedure to aspirate a small volume of liquor for QF-PCR or karyotyping to see clearly the chromosomes of the fetus. These test will diagnosed the fetus.

ISUOG Congress In Singapore.-Part 2

Yesterday, I had spent the rest evening just to book a nice and affordable room in Sentosa Island. The rates in Sentosa is way too pricey. But still, I managed to get a good room for about RM300 per night for two. Isn't it great?? It's Siloso Beach Resort. Nearby the Universal Studio which been said to be opened sometime in March.The congress will be held in Capella Singapore. A 5 star hotel. Very expensive... I hope i can manage the transportation to and fro for the congress. Very hoping for the best luck! The fee is S$300 for sonographer. So, it's quite cheap for oversea course/ congress. The flight ticket is just RM183. So, everything prepared. Just waiting in patient for the 14th April. Hmm, I am so excited everytime I got a chance to attend any course or congress in ultrasound. I am so passionate about ultrasound and will always hungry for new knowledge...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still lot of things to be settled....

After 3 days holiday, my body still aches here and there. Too many things to be done, yet too little space and time to do everything that i should do. I'd just spent my 'cuti wilayah' just to renew my passport which is not overdue yet but it is going to be overdued on the day i should be in Singapore. Meaning, i still have to renew on the very busiest day which is yesterday. My husband and my baby boy had spent the rest of the day sleeping in our national car in car park because waiting for me is just a boring thing for my energetic baby and tiring for my lovely supportive husband to make sure our son in his sight. It took me 3 hours just to q up in a loooooong line to use the kiosk which is said to be convenient. Which boils up my temper when it jammed because of overworked!Arghhh! But the Immigration personel managed to work it up. Thanks to them! Very-very much! To see so many people got rejected due to some technical problems really made me shivers caise i don't want to q up anymore for manual procedures. It was way too tiring! Duh! But Alhamdulillah, everything went fine until I decided to have lunch in Secret Recipe which we didn't find it any in Bangi after driving around for about 1 hour searching for it. So, it was Mc D again within 3 days...Not a good eating habits, I know! Then we rushed back to the Office to collect my passport and it took me 1 hour to wait for 40 peolpe in front me to collect theirs. Finally, at 4.15pm, I managed to get my new passport. Alhamdulillah. I quickly went to the prking lot and saw may husband and my baby both were in a deep sleep regardless the heat outside. Thank God for a good air condition system in our National Car! We headed back with 'mission accomplished mode' but at that point of time, I actually forgot about my baby's routine check up....well, it never end...responsibility goes on and on....they're never ends......


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