I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last Wednesday, my unit boss Prof Dr Azlin, my friend Yan and me were travelling to Pulau Sentosa Singapore on AK703 at 12.45 pm for ISUOG . We stayed in Siloso Beach Resort which is the most affordable resort in the island but, the hospitality and the food (the vegetarian one) very well satisfy my need. We reached Sentosa at 3pm. Since we were there 1 day earlier,once we got the room, we were all are ready for next adventure!! Exploring the island on foot!!! The first place we managed to conquer was the Imbiah Look Out which we went for 4D Magix. The combos comprises The Pirates, Log Ride and Desperados but we only took the 'The pirates and Log Ride' combo. Those two were very interesting and heartblowing. We were taking photos here and there and strolling to Merlion and then before we knew it, we were all in Universal studio. The studio was surrounded by the hotels and casino. We kind of dissapointed to get to know the tix for the Universal studio is S$66 and only available until 6pm only. But we were there at 6.30pm. So, despite the pricey tix, it was also closed. so, we were just taking more and more pics around the Waterfront station. The, at 7pm, we went to our room for a fresh cloth and solat. At 9pm with highly energised, we paid a visit to our friend Kak Anson who stayed in Hard Rock Hotel which was very, very, very luxurious! mindblowing! Then, at 11.30pm we headed back to our room to get rest but, we don't sleep actually, the three of us managed to get permission by the staff to let us swimming in the swimming pool at 11pm in our pyjamas.hehe. That was very exciting thing to do! At 1am we were all very tired and try to get some rest for the real ISUOG course tomorrow....

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