I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sonographer Salary In Malaysia

I noticed that almost everyday, my visitors were searching for the salary of a sonographer back in Malaysia. Actually, this is a new job in Malaysia. So far the sonographer hired by private hospitals are those with 10 years over experience. As for me, I work in government hospital. So, the salary is according to the 41 grade. Not much but still something to make life goes on....I have a friend who work as an application specialist in ultrasound for an international company. She told me that her salary is RM6k and she can get as high as 15k a month depending on her locum as well. This is truly a job that people looking for but it is still new in Malaysia. All you got to do is graduated and get a job and dig as much experience and skills  as you can and you'll be as valuable as my friend. But, hey, if you don't mind about being abroad, just try to get a job in UK. The pay is much more higher than in Malaysia. trust me!


Richard said...


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Sonographer Salary said...

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Lisa Parmley said...

You have shared a great post with us. I like your honest blogging. The salary for sonographers in the US is higher than that in Malaysia with an average annual income of USD 67,170. If someone doesn't mind living abroad, it may be a good career option for you in the US. More sonographer salary in the US is here. Thanks!


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