I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be A Sonographer?

The DMU (Asia) is internationally recognized and is awarded by the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) which is an ultrasound society involved in international ultrasound education since 1970.


  ASUM has been an international accrediting standard in Australia and New Zealand for over three decades in the field sonography. Established in 1970, ASUM has been the government body in Australia and New Zealand ensuring high standards of sonography.

  In Australia/New Zealand, the medical insurance industry only recognizes claims on ultrasound scans conducted by qualified sonographers, which include DMU and DDU (Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound) holders.

  For more information on ASUM, please visit this website: http://www.asum.com.au/open/home.htm

  Watch a Sonography video from the SDMS, United States on an introduction to a career in diagnostic medical sonography.

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Anonymous said...

The course that the college offers IS NOT INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED!!!!
You need to RE-DO another whole ultrasound course if you are planning to work in Australia!!!
The course that is offered IN AUSTRALIA IS INTERNATIONALLY recognised BUT THE ONE IN MALAYSIA!!!!
This course being offered with the title 'ASIA' is only valid if you work in Malaysia!!!

mamaafzal said...

ok.thanks for the info..

Anonymous said...

even if you have to re-do and sit for exams again in australia, it's all good. australia provides you with good training ground and there are experienced and seasoned sonographers available to guide you. better to have ppl who speak the same language as you do.the best part is u get paid while doing your training. and the pay isnt bad at all! :)


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