I love Nuffnang!

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I love Nuffnang!

Ubat Bebas Resdung

Ubat Bebas Resdung
Penyelesaian Organik Dalam Masa 3 Hari

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm On Leave...

I'm going to work in Abex next Monday. Since I rarely take my annual leaves, so, I have a week to finished them all. So, It's like being unemployed for a week. But, since I never stay at home for a long time, I'm still in my office at my desk. Typing this entry using my work PC. I'm blur and lost now. Can't help it! I think I need a couple of days away from here to refresh and prepare myself for a new environment.Can't wait to travel after this!


Cheqna said...

Have a good rest :-)

mamaafzal said...

tq.but really tak dpt relax.sb kena settlekan byk benda before start keje baru...:o(


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