I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Am Sorry That I'm Leaving, Prof...

Just got a call from my boss....
 I know you feel sad that I'm leaving
That is really not your fault

I am just mad with the system
I just can't agree with their birocracy and politics 
I just can't stay looking at other people tearing up my chances
not recognize my skills
denying my career

Somewhere out there
Someone is looking through my eyes
Seeing what I see
Feeling what i feel
Agreeing with what I am doing
And eager to find out what  more I can do

If people see me with ordinary look
I am just an ordinary career mom
But inside my head, 
deep inside my heart,
I know I'm different

Too many things I wanna do in here
Yet too little spaces and chances given
I just can't stay anymore longer
Or I'll be left behind

I won't let you down
I'm leaving to dig as much knowledge and skills
I'll be back one day to help you
Or the nation
I won't  forget you
Hope you won't forget me as one of your sonographer
You help me a lot so far 
I would never forget
I honor you as my noble boss!
Wish me luck all the way through my career life.

This is for you....


alyrds said...

goodbye???? .. maner lak nak poie ni???

Nobita Sensei said...

nape nih?

mamaafzal said...

alyrds= nak pi keje kat lain pulak...

nobita sensei= benti keje daa...

James said...

Do not worry lah !
Someone better than thee will replace you lah !

Enjoy your life and continue to seek more knowledge for your career, but it is also more important to make and find friends.

Old Confuscius has a wise saying,
There are two type of knowledge
The first type is the knowledge you possess yourself
The second type of knowledge is that where you know where to obtain the knowledge
So relax lah even if you do not know it all. If you do not know you can always Google OK

Good bye

Sydney Sonographer

Originally from Ulu Kinta Perak
Hi Hi Hi

mamaafzal said...

james: thanks so much!

umipu3 said...

berpijak dibumi nyata...jgn sedih.. kepayahan tu tentu ada kemanisan disebaliknya... percayalah Allah tak berhenti menguji, kerana DIA syg kita...
chayok, chayok..moga sukses ditempat baru, dan dapat apa yang diimpikan.


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