I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Saiful Bukhari is just the puppet. Who's the puppet master? mystery continues...

Everyday since 1997, we never stop reading about manipulated politics in our newspaper. Yesterday frontpage news was more hillarious! 'Can I **** you today?'. I'm not into any politics party or whatever. I'm just a Malaysian who tired and bored of things like this. The more i read about this case, the more I felt like someone is pulling someone's leg. When I read this line "Can I **** you today?", I think people out there who can easily believe it is true might be not clever enough to follow this case. Have you ever think that any rapist will ask their victim first?? I mean, will the abang kucing ask his victims "Adik, boleh abang ***** adik?". I really don't think that any rapist in this world is a polite enough to ask. They will just grab and do that dirty job and bye!bye!

Come on my dearest Malaysians. Just see for yourself, clearly in today's Utusan Malaysia. He is such a tall and tough man. There was also stated that he was once elected as a Vice President. So, guess he is not stupid to just let himself being the victim of an old man with backached. I'm not saying I in the defendant side or what. It's just that i'm sick of all this. All this are just reflect negative impression to other countries. Which affect our economy and affect my economy too. Please, just because some people are too greedy to get money and power, they ruins others lifes as if they are authorised to do all this. Please bear in mind, never play God.... Be united in the sake of our country, economy and for the sake of our children.

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