I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working In Saudi Arabia? Dare or Not?

My friend who is one of the most senior O&G sonographer in Malaysia just called me a few days ago. She was so excited that Saudi Arabia is offering her a job with..Hmm..very lucrative pay for me. But as her salary here in Malaysia is much2 more higher than that, she asked me if I would interested in it. Looking at the figure, of course! But then, when to think of it agin, I rather work in Malaysia. Because, there is a speculation that we are going to have a new wave of recession, so, don't quit any permanent job you have unless you can get a permanent job asap. The job is a contract basis, so, I think I better stick to this job unless, they don't need me anymore which I think they need me very much at this point of time. Can't wait to get the first bonus this year..ahaks!


ummiprincesses said...

en ayah pun ada bagi tau new year will be a recession.hurmm...betul kata mama,contract @ permenant? better choose permenant.secure.

mamaafzal said...

bila recession, mcm2 la nanti.jadi kena pandai2 plan our finance..:o)


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