I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Choose Sonographer?

Last week I received an email from one of the reader who is interested to be a sonographer.
He was asking about the job opportunity and the salary.

After a few months working with distributor, I met a lot of doctors who were asking if I know any sonographer to offer a job.
From this, we can actually know, how good the job opportunities are. But the problem is, they always looking for an experience sonographer.
So, if you want to be a sonographer, make sure you get a job in a high workload places or have an initiative to do locumns to gain more experience.
The more  the workload, the more exposure you get, the more better you will be!

This is what measures your ability, your skill to be a good sonographer as well as increase your salary margin.

Salary? Well for goverment hospitals, they never hire sonographers so, the doctors will do by themselves.
But, in the teaching hospital, yes, they do hire any MLT's or Science Officers as their sonographer. This is actually a good opportunity as you will ahve a free training and with high workloads, you can easily increase your skills and knowledge in Ultrasound.
So, in teaching hospital, the salaries are according to the goverment rate.
In the private hospitals, normally they will offer RM2500 for fresh graduate and you will have to work 6 days a week. For those with experience more than 5 years, they can demand for RM4500-6000. 
Cardiac tech receive a higher salary up to RM7000.

So, what say you?
You decide!


MFB said...

I realize that there is no sonographer association in Malaysia unlike in states, australia and the UK. The college of radiology Malaysia has a "guideline" on the training/qualification need of a sonographer but is it implemented in any way?

mamaafzal said...

yup.correct because it is still new to Malaysia. Even if you tell people you are a sonographer, they don't know what u mean.well, not entirely. meaning, maybe for radiology sonographer. for cardiac, they are trained by the cardilogist and for the O&G, they were trained by fetomaternal specialist...

pearly said...

Hi there.. I'm actually a student studying the Post Graduate in Diploma of Medical Ultrasonography and would be completing my studies soon. I see from your blog that you have mentioned Doctors asking you to recommend to them Sonographers? Would it be alright for you to email me whenever such opportunities arise? I would love to know more about them as they don't always get posted and it would be great if part time/locum positions are available as well =)

thank you so much!!


email: pearyuen@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

What is your qualification?? Do have a post-grad diploma in ultrasound or radiographer?? Do you need to have a degree with medical health related, or you can straight away aplly the course after finishing SPM or STPM?


pearly said...

To Anonymous:

Yeah, I would be obtaining my Post Grad in Sonography soon and yes, you would need a medical related degree background to take the course.

Kelly said...

What is the difference between a sonographer and a radiographer? I have heard of radiographer but not sonographer.


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