I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Being a Sonographer or An Application Specialist

I've just got a mail looking  for a sonographer in a private centre. But, I think I should stay as an application specialist. eventhough my heart hurt so much when I have to watch others doing ultrasound and I know I can get better and much2 more infos on the scan. You know, I really miss being a sonographer.But the reality is, I'm no longer a sonographer. Either to pursue my career in sonography or just go with the flow as an Apps. I have to choose. Choose between working something you like but not being able to do more or doing something a little higher, a little more but it is quite different.Especially when you do this for someone you love. Making sure you're doing enough to provide them a better life.

Being a sonographer, you offer service  to the patients. But as an apps, you serve the end user and train them. Apps is a little higher. But we specialize in systems and applications. But as a sonographer, they specialize in diagnose the patients. 

I learnt a lot from being a sonographer. The good and bad way. 
But both job have one thing in common. Face the people. 
A sonographer faces the patients.
I face the end user.
But so far, I have good time doing Apps.
But, I just can't get rid of feeling like I want to grab the probe and do the ultrasound. LOL!
Whatever it is, after some times I'm gonna love this job by heart just like how I love my job as a cytogeneticist in HKL, a sonographer in HUKM.
I'm gonna love being an Application Specialist in Abex Medical Systems.
That is my new year resolution!
no turning back.
Just go with flow but ahead of the flow.
Winning is my habit, so  I have to be proactive and positive.

"Sacrificing something you love for someone you love, you will never regret when the one you love is the one you gave birth to"

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