I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

O&G Nite

Tonite, we'll be having an annual dinner with Superhero theme. I think Im going to be the GI Jane.that is the easiest costume I can prepare with no cost at all. My husband will be the Rambo and my son will be Ben 10 which he cry scarily at the first time we introduce him to the Ben 10's dagger and watch. Which made me so shock to learnt that after all this time me and my husband had successfully isolate him from watching any superhero cartoon to avoid him from being extra hyperactive...And you know what??? His favourite VCDs are Barney and Friends and Proncess and The frog! Owh My Goodness! What have I done to my son??? And one more thing, while we were busily shopping for his Ben 10 things...He accidently ( I hope! really desperately hopes) picked up a pair of pink shoes and show them to me...HAHAHAHA! my husband and I was laughing like nobody bussiness at him and people must be wondering what the hell had happened....Well, hipefully we had fun tonite. The best thing is I got a nice table with a bunch of nice frens to share the happy moment tonite...far from those who never appreciate their frens....

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