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I love Nuffnang!

Ubat Bebas Resdung

Ubat Bebas Resdung
Penyelesaian Organik Dalam Masa 3 Hari

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mencandat Sotong Trip 2010

Just got back from Terengganu. Never thot it will be a mind blowing family trip. This was the first family trip we had. So many thongs to do yet the time was too limited. I think there will be the second family trip to Terengganu after this. I still want to go to mini mosque. The 3 days trip was pack with activities. We managed to sent our guys for the 'candat sotong' activities. THEY had a great time there in the middle of the ocean while WE the women and children were watching the world cup..Haha...


alinac lover said...

candat sotong..mcm best je ye

mamaafzal said...

best...tapi saya tak dpt ikut..kene jaga anak..tapi tengok gambar2 hubby and the guys...best sgt2..next year nak pegi jugek!


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