I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friend In Need Is A Freind Indeed....

Someone told me before, it's hard to find a true friend once we step into adulthood. We can never find a true friend like we ever have in our school days. I still remember the person who told me this. But, the fact is, it is true. Even the person who told me about this, I can never trust anymore. Never again! Too many things happened between us yet making it worser day by day. I don't know what had gone wrong. All I know we both trying to get the same thing and got 'em in different condition. But, I never see it as a reason for us to falls apart. But that person did. In my way of friendship, we can share every single sweet and bad moments with our friends. But that person maybe thinks that I'm looking down on him/her which makes that person avoiding me. The fact is, he/she is looking down on me. Maybe that person thinks that I can never accept him/her for what he/her have?? For God sake! I not that kind of person!! I die for other people! I'm doing everything to make people happy.....until one day, I came to realise that no one appreciate all those things and I started to shrink my scope to only me and my family....My husband had adviced me to be realistic. Help people who need my help but don't be too ignorant. But, you know what? Being ignorant sometimes is good. Less stress! :) .

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