I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Apps Task in GIMC

I was in GIMC today for a user training for Xario. It was kinda clumsy, panick and funny at first. But luckily, the doctor was very kind to me. After an hour with him, I felt relieve and my confidence came back.  The staff all are nice too. Tomorrow, I'll be there again. Hopefully, he can quickly master the buttons so, I can train other doctor in Ampang Hospital the next week. As for today, I am truly happy it went well. Thanks also to Adrian for staying with me and gave me the technical support. 


kakyong said...

GIMC tu apa?

mamaafzal said...

Gleneagles intan medical centre...:o)


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