I love Nuffnang!

I love Nuffnang!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Twilight :New Moon

Last Saturday, me and my husband watched this phenomenal movies. Since everybody was talking about this movie, i went to tell my husband about how good to watch this movie since they said it is a romantic one. So, my husband had bought the tickets ( surprise one! never thought he would want to watch the movie). I was so happy since we were hardly have time to go out just the two of us. we were so happy just like a newly wed couple....holding hands, giggling and laughing so happy....But, the romantic ended the moment we watched the movie, it's really NOT what we had in our mind. A romantic and happy yet a gloomy love story throughout the 2 hours ++. We were like, Ok-ooo, do we really in the right place? ' cause we didn't even see the strenght in this movie yet all we could see is the a 19 y.o gurl who were waiting for his vampir boyfriend to come back to her. That's all, no fighting, no neck-bitting, no action at all.....just gloomy, sadness, nightmares....Really wasted my precious time.... anyway, the only thing that makes us happy that evening is that i bought a pair of sweet clothes and my husband bought a remote AMG merce for our dearest son...( token of appreciation for leaving him for about 5 hours...hehehe)

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